A new multidisciplinary experience that thinks and crafts unique items of décor. Its aim is to develop a strong bond among three matters: craftsmanship, functionality and artistic expression.

Thanks to its feature, which allows us to mill it and create light and essential models, metal fits perfectly the main role in the production process and its interaction with wood ensures it a more elegant appearance.

From the dusting process of precious metals, burnishing and gilding are evoked and mixed with natural pigmentations in order to convey delicate nuances to the oxidation of metal.

The distinctiveness of our furniture considers also solutions that uses processing waste in order to enhance and promote the essence of each material regardless of its canonical and standard form.

The Lab revisits the classic approach to textiles too. Research and innovation weave a new inspired manufacturing that bring forward skilful balances between patterns and colours.

Following step by step our costumers’ needs, finally metal, wood and textiles melted together aim straight to the best fashion proposals for the realisation of your exclusive ideas.

Davide Grosso

Giampaolo Celada